Chris Kletsides

34Join Chef Kletsides as he navigates you through his culinary journey. Start with a selection from the raw bar, which includes chilled oysters or clams, shrimp, lump crab and lobster. You’ll have the option of classic Greek appetizers, such as pikilia and spanakopita or the restaurant’s signature sushi grade Mediterranean grilled octopus. Whole fresh fish is an entrée highlight. Displayed whole and packed in ice you will have the option to handpick your dinner and learn about the cuisine.

Go Beyond the typical with exotic options like Bronzini, Royal Dorado, American Snapper and Mid-Atlantic Wild Bass. Discover a Greek favorite, Youvetsi, a baby lamb shank that is oven-baked and served with fresh tomato sauce, orzo, feta cheese and moussaka; which is layers of sautéed ground meat, eggplant and potatoes topped with béchamel sauce. Sweet finales include homemade Greek yogurt served with fresh thyme, honey and black cherry preserves, traditional baklava and homemade ice creams and sorbets.